Bonus Episode: The Master, Joe Vs The Volcano, Why We Watch & Rewatch Movies

Bonus Episode - The Master, Joe Vs The Volcano, Why We Watch & Rewatch Movies

Me and Patrick tackle the big questions regarding why we bother to talk about movies at all and slip into a little processing of our own about the nature of movie-viewing and the importance of the "rewatch."  But for the majority of the episode, we parse the idea of movies that can potentially grow on you over time.  My choices for discussion were THE MASTER and JOE VS. THE VOLCANO, two oddities that couldn't be more different from one another, that I didn't love until I saw them a second time. 

After our reviews of both films (one of which is a straight-up disagreement) something rather unexpected occurs.  A wildly organic conversation erupts about the nature of why we watch so many movies in the first place!  Patrick questions his need to see "everything" despite leaving the show as a permanent co-host and I come to terms with the fact that movies are just a part of my own personal narrative.  So it gets pretty heavy and personal later on in a very interesting way.  The episode fades out leaving the listener wondering... will Jim and Patrick return as full-time co-hosts in the future?  God only knows.  But expect a few more appearances from Patrick throughout the year regardless, and we're all the better for it.  He will be back with at least three more bonus episodes in the months to come, and obviously, he is welcome back anytime.  Thanks everyone for listening to a very personal (and hopefully) enlightening conversation - Jim

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